Pest Treatments

Spider, Fly & Mosquito Treatment


Bug-R-Offs spider, fly and mosquito treatment cover every kind of creepy crawly,

from spiders, flies, mosquitoes, moths, millipedes, ants, centipedes… the list goes on!
The exterior and interior of your home or business are treated with a specialized spray. This spray will knock out the biggest spiders like huntsmen’s, to the smallest bug like black ants.
For the best control treatment we recomend a dust treatment to your ceilings and under your house (if there’s access)
For this insect control treatment to be truly effective, and for our 6-month guarantee, you need to have home treated inside and outside.
The treatment works by affecting the insect by absorption through their pores or by ingestion when they clean themselves.
This treatment kills anything that crawls or flies!
Please read “What do we do before and after a treatment” to gain a better knowledge of how to make this treatment more effective for you.

Mice Eradication

Mouse or mice? No problem!
Whether it’s a commercial premises or your kitchen at home, Bug-R-OFF have a solution to your mouse problem!  The bait used is lethal to mice after one feed, therefore fast eradication is assured.
Mice are experts at squeezing through the tiniest of gaps! Bug-R-OFF are the experts at Mice Control and know how to remove mice and block their entry into your home. Please contact us to discuss rodent baiting programs and treatment options.

Cockroach Control

How we perform Cockroach Control
We use cockroach gel around drains, crevices and cracks of common cockroach haunts.
We also use our “Spider, Fly & Mosquito Treatment” spray as a barrier spray to cockroach traffic areas.
So the combination of both of these treatments is sure to eradicate your problem!

To find out more about our cockroach pest control and eradication of other unwanted pests, please contact us or make a booking today!

Please also note in areas of high cockroach infestations a treatment plan maybe required.


What we need you to do

before and after the treatment?

Before Treatment

On the day of the treatment, you will need to cover up fish/reptile tanks with towels/blankets,
cover pet food and water bowls.
If there is any food or kitchen appliances/utensils exposed on the bench tops,
it needs to be covered or stored away.
Toothbrushes in the bathroom need to be stored away.
Pillows can be placed under the doona cover or blankets.
If you need to wash your windows, please do so a day or so before the treatment. If you clean them afterwards, you may wash the product off,
we focus on avoiding treatment being applied to the glass of your windows.
If you have spider webs under your veranda or in your shed, please leave them there for a few more days.
If you forget to do any of these things, the pest controller will do it for you so don’t worry too much.


Wipe down your food preparation areas and uncover your pet bowls, and fish tanks.


DO NOT mop your floors for at least 5-10 days after treatment if you do mop your floors please stay 1 foot away from the skirting board or you will wash the product off and the treatment will NOT be effective.
DO NOT remove spider webs, please leave them for up to 10 days AFTER the treatment because any spiders that are hiding away will eventually come into contact with the product and die.








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