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BUG-R-OFF Pest Control – Victor Harbor

Professional Pest Control Victor Harbor, Servicing Victor Harbor

and the surrounding areas of the Fleurieu Peninsula & Kangaroo Island

Pest Control Victor Harbor, on time, every time. We know that you are busy and don’t have time to wait around endlessly, so we promise to be there at the agreed time.

Bug-R-OFF Pest Control – Victor Harbor

take GREAT pleasure in Exterminating the creepy crawlies

from your Home!

Victor Harbor & Fleurieu Peninsula

Proudly supporting Australian Made

Pest Control Victor Harbor - Exterminator

In Addition to Pest Control Victor Harbor We Service the Following Areas

Born and bred on the Fleurieu Peninsula Brett has traveled everywhere in the area and knows it like the back of his hand.

His fully set up pest control 4WD vehicle can service any local area. Including any areas between Victor Harbor and Goolwa. Strathalbyn to Cape Jarvis. Between Sellicks Beach and Victor Harbor. All Southern Adelaide Hills and Beach Areas, Including Clayton Bay, Willunga, Normanville, Goolwa, Yankalilla and Rapid Bay.

Bug – R – Off Pest Control Victor Harbor, Exterminates the following Pests

Bug – R – Off Pest Control exterminates all pests including wasps, ants, rats and mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, spiders, bees and more.

Is Pest Control Worth the Price?

Pest deterrent services can lessen your cost of repairing the destruction brought about by rats and mice or various insects.

Pests can also bring disease into your house so controlling pests can eliminate the health risks associated with pest borne disease.

How Frequently Should I Control Pests in my House

We recommend quarterly pest control visits to control pests and prevent them from returning and bringing pestilence into your house.

Should I Stay Out of the House After Pest Control?

You should stay out of your house for a certain amount of time after pest extermination has taken place. The recommended amount of time to stay out of your house is about 2 – 4 hours. Also depending on the kind of exterminator service the time needed to vacate your house could increase to up to 24 hours.

What Time Period Does the Pest Control Spray Last?

The spray around the periphery tends to last from between 30 to 90 days, hence quarterly pest control is recommended. After spraying it is best to avoid mopping around the perimeter too vigorously or frequently.

The Most Common Pest in Australia

The most common pest in Australia is the cockroach. Cockroaches communicate a variety of diseases to the human population through contamination of food.

Cockroaches will eat a number of things besides food, that you may not think be eaten by just leaving things lying around. These items include cardboard or glue and maybe that dead mouse carcasses or poo. Given the health problems that cockroaches can bring into your household, its best to exterminate them as soon as possible.

Do I need Pest Control Victor Harbor to Exterminate the Little Brown Bugs in my House.

The little brown bugs in your house are most likely bed bugs, they feed on the blood of your household members and the blood of your domestic animals.

What Causes Mites to Invade my House

Mites can get into your house by entering cracks in your house and by attaching themselves to rodents and other animals that come in your house. Mites such as dust mites can cause allergens such as asthma, other types of mites can cause skin irritations. If your family suffers from allergens, its a good idea to call in an Exterminator service from Victor Harbor such as Bug -R-Off Pest Control Victor Harbor.

The Most Annoying Pest

The most annoying pest is the mosquito. They can breed quickly in lying pools of water and annoyingly buzz around your families face while they are trying to sleep and settle in numerous spots on their skin, sucking your families blood and producing numerous itchy welts. They also carry diseases which can get into your families blood.

Can a Pest Control Service Get Rid of Wasps and Bees

Wasps and bees can suddenly appear under window sills outside of your house where they can start building their nests. Its not easy to get rid of them by just destroying their nests and there is a danger of being bitten by taking the eradication of wasps and bees into your own hands. The best course of action is to contact Bug-R-Off Pest Control Victor Harbor who are experts in the extermination of dangerous wasps and bees. 


What the team at BUG-R-OFF Pest Control need you to do before and after the treatment?

Before Treatment

On the day of the treatment, you will need to cover up fish/reptile tanks with towels/blankets,
cover pet food and water bowls.
If there is any food or kitchen appliances/utensils exposed on the bench tops,
it needs to be covered or stored away.
Toothbrushes in the bathroom need to be stored away.

Pillows can be placed under the doona cover or blankets.
If you need to wash your windows, please do so a day or so before the treatment. If you clean them afterwards, you may wash the product off,
we focus on avoiding treatment being applied to the glass of your windows.
If you have spider webs under your veranda or in your shed, please leave them there for a few more days.
If you forget to do any of these things, the pest controller will do it for you so don’t worry too much.


Wipe down your food preparation areas and uncover your pet bowls, and fish tanks.

DO NOT mop your floors for at least 5-10 days after treatment if you do mop your floors please stay 1 foot away from the skirting board or you will wash the product off and the treatment will NOT be effective.

DO NOT remove spider webs, please leave them for up to 10 days AFTER the treatment because any spiders that are hiding away will eventually come into contact with the product and die.

Thank you from the team at BUG-R-OFF Pest Control